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Deng Chao

Deng Chao (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Dèng Chāo, born 8 February 1979) is a Chinese actor, comedian, director and singer. His recent films, The Breakup Guru (2014), The Mermaid (2016) and Duckweed (2017) are among the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time in China. In 2017, Deng was crowned Best ...

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A chādor (Persian: چادر‎), also variously spelled in English as chadah, chad(d)ar, chader, chud(d)ah, chadur, and naturalized as /tʃʌdə(ɹ)/, is an outer garment or open cloak worn by many women in Iran, Iraq, and some other countries under the Persianate cultural sphere, as well as predominantly Shia areas in public spaces or ...

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Chādor (bahasa Persia: چادر), juga disebut sebagai chadah, chad(d)ar, chader, chud(d)ah, chadur, dan dinaturalisasi menjadi /tʃʌdə(ɹ)/, adalah sebuah garmen luar atau jubah terbuka. Busana tersebut dipakai oleh beberapa wanita di Iran, Irak dan beberapa negara di bawah lingkup budaya Persia, serta wilayah mayoritas Syiah seperti Afganistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Pakistan, India, Kuwait ...

Só Conversando

No papo da série Só Conversando, falo um pouco sobre o tema APOIO que recebemos de nossos familiares para seguir a carreira que desejamos. Apresentação e Tex...

Chá do Daniel

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چادر به روایت مهرخانه


Chamdo (officially Qamdo,[2][3] and known in Chinese as Changdu)[4] is a prefecture-level city in the eastern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, China. Its seat is the town of Chengguan in Karuo District. Chamdo is Tibet''s third largest city after Lhasa and Shigatse.[5] Chamdo is divided into 11 county-level divisions: one district and ten ...

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